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Ascent Navals Thailand offers large range of Customized Certification & Audit Services in the Quality, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibilities.

ASCENT NAVALS THAILAND is a leading ship classification society

Ascent Navals Thailand Co. Ltd is registered with Thailand government.

This company is owned and operated by Alexarya Corporation International – an International Maritime Foundation

This is one of the best well equipped and organized company in the list of group of companies of the Alexarya Corporation International.

This company is certified and audited by Bureau VERITAS- a quality management System certifying company.

Ascent Navals specializes in advising and managing the tasks that ship owners, agents, shipbuilders, offshore rig operators, marine bankers, marine insurance underwriters, and shipping attorneys face in matters of buying, installing, managing, maintaining, insuring & compensating, selling and mortgaging ships or maritime equipment. We are also an efficient trainer on par with ISO 9001 2008.

Company Functions:  

  1. Ship Registration
  2. Representing Various Maritime Administrations.
  3. Total Ship Management (Technical & Crew manning)
  4. Ship Classification ,Audit & Inspection
  5. Seafarer Training & Certification
  6. Cruise Staff recruitment
  7. Operating Hotel & Hospitality Management College

These functions/services are carried out through our offices around the globe and many of the services can also be facilitated through our local representation, which extends to over 60 countries.

Our dedicated worldwide staff is manned by Attorneys who are capable to advise on any matters relating to maritime industry, IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) accredited ISM (International Safety Management code) auditors, Marine Surveyors,  Registrars who in conjunction with the rest of our professional personnel and directors, provide a knowledgeable and expert service to our clients quickly and efficiently.

The overriding corporate policy at Ascent Navals is to provide high quality services in a quick and efficient manner. From humble beginnings of carrying out registration of just 2 flags, and Ship crew Manning for both merchant Vessel and cruise liners the vision and farsightedness of the founder members and the efforts of the dedicated personnel have helped Ascent Navals grow to become a multinational firm held high in repute.
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