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Surveys of damages, modification or repairs verification

Surveys of damages, modification or repairs verification

ANT provides professionally competent, completely independent and highly efficient third party technical inspection and certification services for all types of ships, marine craft and structures. These services have also been expanded to cover a range of offshore and industrial projects.

Damage surveys on hull, machinery, equipment and permanent fittings on classed or non classed ships are done at the request of ship owners or any other interested parties such as underwriters, and factual reports are issued to the parties.

This service includes survey of damage:

  • To establish nature, extent and cause of damage
  • Recommendation of repairs
  • Supervision and certification of repair done
  • Final endorsement of repair bills.
  • Supervision during major modification and repair

    This includes a broad range of focus areas like:

    • Examination of existing plans of a vessel to assess its suitability for modifications
    • Examination of the existing condition of a vessel
    • Assisting owners in evaluation of contractors
    • Supervision of modification work