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Ascent Navals Thailand is a company own and operated by group of experienced Merchant Mariners and Educationist . It has a state – of-the- art office at Samutprakan, Thailand i.e just 30 Minute drive from Suvarnabhoomi International Airport Bangkok and 15 Minute drive to center of the Bangkok, the capital city of kingdom of Thailand.

Though we believe in a single point of contact for our principles through the regional offices, our management has established Branch Offices/Associate office Network for doorstep service with various nationality trained crew. 

 Crew Data base Statistics for Cruise Liners/Yacht

Crew Nationality:




















South African

Note:Other Nationality crew can be arranged as pre requirements of the Principle.

 Main Language Known to Crew:(Other then their national Language)


 Certificate of Competency /Seaman Book holding crew: 










Marshal Island



 Note: other flag certificates too can be arranged the requirements.

 Crew Statistics:


Number of Crew  with the company

Type of Experience


Deck officer (All Rank)


65% Rank Experienced

35% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Engineer officers (All Ranks)


65% Rank Experienced

35% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Electrical Engineers/ETO


80% Rank Experienced

20% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Hospitality  (All Ranks)


80% Rank Experienced

20% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Administration (All Ranks)


80% Rank Experienced

20% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Cook (All Ranks)


80% Rank Experienced

20% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Medical crew (All Ranks)


60% Rank Experienced

40% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Un Licensed Crew


65% Rank Experienced

35% Upgraded rank


In 10 days intimation

Total Crew





 Crew Management

 Our mission at Ascent Navals Thailand is to make the life of the Ship Operator as easy as possible by delivering a Personnel Management service tailored to suit the individual company requirements.

 We have been supplying all rank trained experienced and certified crew and officers for various cruise liners, Yacht owners and managers worldwide since 2005. We have exceptional experience and expertise of providing a quality source and supply service to the industry.

 Utilizing an extensive database of applicants we specialize in recruiting high caliber, STCW certificated Officers & Crew, as well as hospitality, guest service and interior staff who are in ever-increasing demand in both the cruise and yacht sectors.

 Our knowledge and experience in this field has enabled us to provide a full Crew Management package extending our support to the Recruitment, Training, Travel and Operational needs of our international Clients.

 Our complete crew management package encompasses all of the following areas of marine personnel management:


 Identifying the position, advertising, applicant screening, interviewing, reference checking and placing candidates.


 Identifying training needs, maintaining training records, arranging courses and assessing training establishments.


 Preparing and organizing flights to and from vessels, and other travel needs required by crew and marine management.


 Includes the scheduling of crew, monitoring leave, arranging crew changes and travel, providing suitable cover for sickness/study leave, etc.

 Offshore Payroll

 Our expertise is to offer a range of crew payroll services, which will significantly contribute to the operational savings in the employment of maritime staff.


 Providing employment agreements, dealing with grievance / disciplinary procedures, promotions, resignations, appraisal and redundancy programmes.


 Monitoring medical status, arranging medicals, maintaining company Drugs and Alcohol Policy.


 Maintaining sickness records, compassionate leave, and dealing with next of kin.


 Supplying a range of services including maintaining personal records, Visa applications, and Certificate renewals and liaising with clients, etc.

 Every company has slightly different requirements, and we at Ascent Navals take the time and trouble to discuss each client's exact needs, to ensure that the service provided is of the highest quality  .


We aim to build cooperative working alliances where the full extent of our resources is available to you, flexibly when and where you need them most.

 From these offices or in 'Partnerships', our marine-related solutions, additional to recruitment, include the following:

• Crew Administration
• Crew Employment and Payroll
• Crew Medical
• Crew Insurance
• Consultancy

 Crew Administration


Operating a quality management system approved by Bureau VERITAS allows us to assist our Clients with all manner of operational functions including, but not limited to:

• Contract issue
• Compilation and maintenance records
• Ongoing monitoring of STCW certification
• Officer/crew planning and scheduling
• Arrangements of training, medicals and travel


Crew Employment and Payroll


Our expertise is to offer to Clients, crew management and payroll services, which will significantly contribute to operational savings in the employment of maritime staff.

 The system in operation is designed to comply with current legislation and withstand the rigors of close auditing.

 The individuals involved are far from faceless financiers: they are highly qualified specialists, whose additional function is to support the systems in place by responding

 to financial payroll related enquiries of 'employees' and provide individual, user-friendly, support and guidance to Clients.

 Crew Insurance

 In partnership with maritime Insurance Companies, we direct for their group and individual benefit programs. These plans have been specifically tailored to fit the unique needs of professional marine crew and include comprehensive medical insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and retirement savings.




Whilst entirely recognizing Clients' existing expertise, we would be pleased to supplement it with specific information, guidance and advice (if needed) based on our breadth of experience. Our position as a leading provider of recruitment and associated services to the cruise industry, in particular, gives us a unique insight into the operation of the passenger/guest market sector. Over many years we have enhanced our own knowledge and nurtured a network of contacts and business relationships which can be used to provide cost-effective solutions for Clients. We will do our utmost to ensure that any quandary or challenge you have, with our input, does not develop into a predicament for you.


Ships Crews Medical Services Company


 Ships’ Crews Medical Services Company has offered ship-owners a full medical pre-employment screening program to ensure all seafarers employed meet the highest medical criteria.

 This program is operated in conjunction with maritime administration approved Doctors situated strategically at each office location.. All Doctors have extensive experience in the Maritime Industry.

 Organization Chart

 Our Team is organized and every Management offices follow the below Operational Chart to come up with the need of the Ship Owners/Managers.

 Duties of Each Position

 General Manager: Commanding the Complete Operations for the successful Ship Crew Management with the support of all the staff managing.

  • Senior Superintendent :

-           Manages the Crew Successful joining and controls the complete operations in time with General Manager Supervision.

-          Technical Supervision of the Ship

-          Inspection of the Ship & Survey

-          Laisioning with the ship owners/Managers

-          Senior Superintendent is supported by Technical Manager, Technical Superintendent, and Marine Superintendent & Crew Manager.

  • Finance Manager: 

-          Accounts related matter headed by the Finance Manager

-          Taking care of the accounts for day to day expenses occurring for Travel Planning of crew, Wages, and other expenditures of the company.

-          Laisioning with the ship Owners, Ship Manager and with the crew for accounts related matters.

-          Finance Manger is supported by Accounts officer.

  • Recruitment  Officer:


-          Marketing and Interview process is taken care by the recruitment officer.

-          Selects the Eligible candidate and forward to the respective training department to train them so as to improve in their work performance effectively as per the requirements of the Principles.Thier by updating their certificates or licenses as required.

-          Recruitment officer is supported by Marketing professionals, Training & certification Department.

Available Training Facilities:

Ascent Navals Thailand is Managing 14 maritime training & Technical Colleges at various corner of the world govern by the main training center AMTC BANGKOK Thailand / India/ Panama

Facilities at Training Colleges:

Full mission Bridge Simulator

Engine Simulator

Dynamic Positioning Simulator

Computer Based Training

Fire fighting mock drill stations

Computer Laboratories

All Life Saving Safety Equipments

State –of –the art class room

Swimming Pool

Cookery Department

 Hospitality Department

Medical First Aid Training

GMDSS Live Equipment Installed for training



Training Courses Includes:


(Approved and Recognized by Various Maritime Administrations)


  • Crisis Management & Human Behavior
  • Crowd Management
  • ISPS Proficiency Ship Security officer
  • Personal  Safety & Social Responsibilities
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Basic First Aid
  • GMDSS (General Operator Certificate & Restricted Operators Certificate)
  • All Advance STCW Certificate course
  • Maritime Labour Convention 2006
  • Ship Security Officers Course
  • All Advance STCE Courses
  • Ship Safety Awareness Certificate course
  • Designated Security Duties for Seafarers Course.
  • All Rank Deck Officers upgrading and Updating course
  • All Rank Engineer Officers upgrading and Updating Course
  • Dynamic Positioning Course
  • Electro Technical Officers Course
  • Many other Course as per up to date requirements in the maritime Industry


Marlins English Testing

 With the increasing regulations throughout the maritime industry, Marlins English testing has become a vital part of the employment process for international Officers and crew.

 Ascent Navals Thailand is one of a few commercially run Marlins Approved certification Course Centers along with the other training academies as well as examination center at all its branch offices that is able to test individuals competency on their spoken English language ability, in line with the rigorous standards of Marlins.

 We offer the following Marlins English tests:

 ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE)

 The ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE) provides the oral assessor with a standardized interview format for assessing the speaking and listening skills of all ranks and nationality of seafarers. Used as a stand-alone product, it provides a thorough assessment of the seafarer's ability to understand and speak English. Used in conjunction with the ISF Marlins computer test it provides the employer with a complete profile of the seafarer's language proficiency.

 Key Features of the ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English:

 Provides the interviewer with a standardized interview protocol for assessing the speaking and listening skills of seafarers

  • Offers extensive guidelines and criteria on how to grade the seafarer's speaking and listening abilities
  • Offers a standardized means of recording and interpreting test results
  • Results can be used to support the outcome of the ISF Marlins Test
  • Providing a complete language profile for the employer
  • Results can be used to highlight specific skill areas which require training

 Spoken English Assessment for Cruise Ship Staff (SPEACS)

 The Marlins Spoken English Assessment for Cruise ship Staff (SPEACS) has been developed to help carry out effective assessment of the oral and aural skills of cruise ship staff in a one-to-one interview situation. The SPEACS can be used to identify the need for training and to assess progress during and / or after training.

 Marlins recommend that the SPEACS is used in conjunction with the ISF Marlins Test to give a balanced profile of a seafarer’s language level and ability.

 This will ensure a secure and objective assessment of language level (from the computer test) complemented by a personal assessment of communication skills (from the SPEACS).

Quality Policy

 The company is dedicated to the quality policy which will ensure that its services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times. The goal of Ascent Navals is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and operational systems is essential to realizing that goal.

 ANT believes in the concept of client and supplier working together in pursuing this policy and in continually striving for improvements in service quality.

 The quality policy is based on 3 fundamental principles:


 Ensuring that we fully identify and confirm to the needs of our customers.

  • Looking at our service provision processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.
  • Everyone understands how to do their job and doing it right from first time.

 To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying customer requirements, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements.

 Objectives needed to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and that continual improvement is maintained in line with the spirit of the policy, will be set, determined and monitored at Management Review.

 The quality policy principles and objectives will be communicated and available to staff at all times. Training will be an integral part of the strategy to achieve the objectives.

 Further to the above, the company undertakes to ensure that legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to scope of business will be regularly reviewed; as a minimum this will be at Management Review.

 Our Philosophy

 The maritime industry has now entered the 21st century and Ascent Navals has positioned itself to be one of the leading players in the source and selection of Deck and Technical Officers and Hospitality / Guest Services professionals.

 Our mission reflects the belief that ANT exists primarily to meet the needs and demands of the maritime industry worldwide. We are committed to excellence and customer service, and are justifiably proud of our reputation as a consistently dependable source of quality individuals to the marine sector.

 The commitment to excellence was originally endorsed by our approval by Bureau Veritas Quality Assurance with a Quality Management System Standard for "The provision of crew management incorporating recruitment, training and travel services to the merchant navy, for officers, cadets and other supporting marine personnel incorporating the requirements of the International Labour Organization’s Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006). By being active members of the various International Ship Management and other progressive maritime organizations, including the ISA, IMA and Super yacht Asia to name a few, ensures ANT is constantly involved at the forefront of marine affairs.


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