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Star Rating Cruise Liners/Yacht














1. Economic Operator (1-Star)
2. Standard Operator (2-Star)
3. Advanced Operator (3-Star)
4. Superior Operator (4-Star)
5. Premium Operator (5-Star)

Economic Operator (1-Star)

The operator provides basic organization facilities for check-in and check-out of the chartered yacht. Yachts having all essential insurances, indispensable basic equipment for a cruising journey and are in good working order and condition. Clients appreciate the competitive price and are prepared to neglect comfort and higher operator services.



  • 1.0 Operator undergoes yearly YachtCheck certification.
  • 1.1 Yacht charter activity registered according to the appropriate national laws.
  • 1.2 Possess of originals of the following documents:
                   - Exclusive management contracts for all not self-owned yachts
                    - Matriculations and charter license of the yachts according to the national laws.
                    - Full cover insurances for all yachts
                    - Liability insurances for all yachts.
  • 1.3 Yacht is handed over to the customer in accurately cleaned condition.
  • 1.4 English spoken in office and at the charter pier.
  • 1.5 Own internet homepage that publishes company details and charter bases.
  • 1.6 Check-in procedure guided by a detailed and structured inventory list.
  • 1.7 Minimum Equipment Standard of 10%


Standard Operator (2-Star)


Besides matching quality requirements for the Economic Operator, the charter base has a local check-in desk or office next to the charter pier and charter payment security is available. Charter yachts having at least standard equipment and offer basic comfort. Clients appreciate good standards and qualified operator services of a lower price range.




  • 2.0 Requirements for 1-Star Quality are fulfilled.
  • 2.1 Payment security available.
  • 2.2 Activity as a charter company since at least 2 years.
  • 2.3 Client reception desk next to charter pier (max. 200 m) during check-in/check-out.
  • 2.4 Qualified office phone attendance for agent and customer relations at least 8 working hours per day.
  • 2.5 At least one staff member each 8 yachts during the charter season.
  • 2.6 Immediate return of security deposit after check-out or immediate regulation of all damage(s) which do not need an expertise.
  • 2.7 Average booking situation at least:
                 - 13 weeks per sailing yacht and year
                   - 8 weeks per motor yacht and year.
  • 2.8 Minimum Equipment Standard of 30% .
  • Advanced Operator (3-Star)

    Besides matching quality requirements for the Standard Operator, the charter operator provides advanced charter base related services. Clients will take advantage of competent staff and quality management. Yachts are in good and well-maintained condition and offer enhanced equipment which allows comfortable cruising. Clients appreciate enhanced operator services and yacht equipment standards in a middle price segment.


    Advanced Operator (3-Star)

    • 3.0 Requirements for 1 and 2-Star Quality are fulfilled.
    • 3.1 Competent and service orientated company staff.
    • 3.2 Profound yacht revisions before begin and after the end of the season.
    • 3.3 Free mooring with electricity and water at the home pier over the whole duration of the charter (on customer demand).
    • 3.4 Provisioning on demand to the charter pier (no extra delivery costs) or supermarket in less than 500 m distance.
    • 3.5 Uniform clothing of company staff.
    • 3.6 24 hours emergency/service phone.
    • 3.7 Daily weather report (in Marina or at the charter pier).
    • 3.8 Life vests for children (on customers demand).
    • 3.9 Services for client transfer reservations (taxi, train or flights).
    • 3.10 Sails not older than 3 years.
    3.11 Minimum Equipment Standard of 50%


Superior Operator (4-Star)


Besides matching quality requirements for the Advanced Charter Operator, the charter operator offers superior boat and travel services by highly professional staff. Stable quality during the season is guaranteed by separate maintenance checks before each charter cruise. The charter base environment provides separate sanitary units and further client services. Charter yachts are in immaculate condition, interior and equipment will stand high comfort expectations. Due to high service and maintenance efforts combined with superior equipment standards, charters of four-star quality range within upper price categories.






  • 4.0 Requirements for 1 to 3-Star Quality are fulfilled.
  • 4.1 Highly professional, disciplined and very service orientated staff.
  • 4.2 Presentation of a damage report before departure.
  • 4.3 Personal late check-in by a staff member.
  • 4.4 Toilets and hot showers (daily cleaned, proven by cleaning list) next to charter pier (max. 400 m).
  • 4.5 Internet access at the charter pier or in the accessible room for a client.
  • 4.6 Speed boat support for maintenance and emergencies.
  • 4.7 Daily weather report via SMS or phone during the cruise (on customers demand).
  • 4.8 Safety net (i.e. for children) on customers demand free.
  • 4.9 Welcome snacks and drinks for charter guests on board.
  • 4.10 Skipper briefing providing fundamental information about cruising area and security advice (on customers demand).
  • 4.11 Yacht's deck and interior, surfaces and aggregates have the immaculate condition due to separate maintenance procedure before each charter cruise.
  • 4.12 Prepared beds with linen and pillows (of superior hotel standard).

4.13 Minimum Equipment Standard of 70% 

Premium Operator (5-Star)

Besides matching quality requirements for the Superior Operator, charter operator fulfills highest international service and quality standards at the charter base and on its yachts. While cruising, bareboat charter clients can expect 24 hours itinerary assistance and additional travel services guaranteeing the most thinkable safety and comfort available in the market. The yachts are perfectly equipped and maintained - offering premium comfort and interior style. Five-star yacht charter services are designed to fulfill expectations of prominent client groups that are prepared to pay highest rates for an exceptional and outstanding cruising vacation.


Premium Operator (5-Star)

  • 5.0 Requirements for 1 to 4-Star Quality are fulfilled.
  • 5.1 Pre-check-in-material: Individual and illustrated boat manual, Itinerary suggestions.
  • 5.2 Skipper briefing providing fundamental information about cruising area and security advice in a separate room (on customers demand).
  • 5.3 Provisioning on request (delivery and storage on a yacht for free).
  • 5.4 Comfortable client lounge in walking distance (max. 300 m) from a pier.
  • 5.5 Baggage management: on board delivery, care of baggage in-between arrival and departure from the charter base.


  • 5.6 Personal cruise support (itinerary-planning, gale warnings, advice, restaurant / marina reservations, etc.).
  • 5.7 Basic kit with kitchen and sanitary items (superior hotel standard).
  • 5.8 Travel assistance (flight, hotel reservations, car rental reservations, etc.).
  • 5.9 Minimum Equipment Standard of 90% .


  • The problems in the bareboat yacht charter market can be described as follows:

    • Due to lack of international quality standards, charter clients tend to escape into the sheer price dependent evaluation of offered services. Too often this single selection criterion fails to satisfy the clients wishes for an adequate cruising vacation.
    • Investments from yacht owners and charter operators into better yacht maintenance and higher service standards are not returned by charter rates yet. There are no international quality marketing criteria available, making such efforts visible.
    • Charter skippers are leisure seamen, which often start their charter cruises poorly prepared especially when switching to new charter destinations. Consequently, damage rates are rising dramatically, causing long dock times with expensive charter failures and strained operator insurance relations. Advanced skipper briefings performed by charter operators and detailed pre-check-in boat manuals would be essential as add-on value to standard check-in procedures in order to compensate the lack of required knowledge about the chartered vessel and the local cruising area.
    • The majority of charter operators do not provide any payment security. Some payment security waivers issued by charter brokers just cover the bankruptcy of the intermediary agent but not the local operator. Until the day the customer finally starts its vacation, there is no security for his money paid in advance.
    • Too often charter clients return unsatisfied or even disappointed from their vacations because of insufficient local competence for complaint and damage management. The customer's desperate escape into legal process wastes precious resources of charter brokers and suppliers and threatens the standing and reputation of the whole yacht charter industry.

    In order to compete successful with other forms of tourism, home made problems in the charter market cannot be neglected anymore and need to be resolved.


    The described problems of the yacht charter market can only be defeated with quality evaluations that are based on two parts:

    1. Certification of objective quality requirements.

    Quality Certification

    One part of the YachtCheck┬« quality evaluation process is a standard quality certification that is based on a catalog of internationally well-accepted quality requirements.

    YachtCheck┬« adopted the well-known five-star quality classification of the hotel industry and developed sets of objective quality requirements that are applicable to yacht charter services. A charter operator that fulfills a relevant set of quality requirements will be certified with a Quality Star.

    The quality stars will provide the subscribers valuable marketing power that will allow differentiating their charter services from competitors.